UGET 3+ Particulate Filters with disposable cartridge

UGET 3+ systems are innovative particulate filters with cartridge that are able to reduce solid particles emitted by diesel engines by more than 99%. Cartridges are produced according to the highest quality standards and can resist temperatures of up to 260°C (continuous).

The application of UGET 3+ filters is best on vehicles operating intermittently, such as forklifts and emergency generators.

  • Particulate reduction efficiency certified and over 99%
  • Many models and sizes available (for engines between 5 kW and 3 MW)
  • Maximum performance right from engine startup
  • Ideal for vehicles operating intermittently and low exhaust gas temperatures.
  • Easy use and maintenance
  • Certified according to the SN277206 standard (BAFU)

Cartridge lifetime is estimated at between 50 and 300 operating hours, depending on several parameters (such as particulate emissions, mode of engine use, engine condition and lube oil consumption).
On request, the UGET 3+ filter can be supplied together with an electronic back pressure and temperature measurement system.
UGET 3+ filters are certified by the Federal Office for the Environment in Switzerland (BAFU).