Osca catalysts

Bersy produces oxidation and three-way catalysts that are designed to achieve the maximum performance in reducing exhaust pollution.


  • Unburnt hydrocarbons (HC): Otto and Diesel cycle engines.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO): Diesel and Otto
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx): only in stoichiometric Otto engines.
  • Maximum performance in pollution reduction
  • Long-term efficiency, thanks to the strong structure of the metallic honeycomb structure
  • Many shapes and sizes available
  • Quick and easy maintenance

Bersy has a wide range of standard catalysts. They are also available with a removable module configuration which is normally used in cases where simple and fast maintenance is required.
Applications include off-highway machinery, generators, cogeneration plants and railway machinery.
Custom applications are also available: Bersy can modify the structural aspects or chemical coatings depending on customer requirements.