BPF Particulate Filters

BPF particulate filters are made of recrystallized silicon carbide, which offers the best mechanical and thermal resistance.
These filters are able to retain more than 99% of the solid particles emitted by diesel engines, therefore completely eliminating the black smoke typical of these types of engines.

Applications include: off-highway machinery, stationary engines, generators and railway machinery.
A large number of configurations are available, ensuring the best solution for any application.

  • Particulate reduction certified and higher than 99%
  • Many applications for engines from 5 kW up to 3MW
  • Several regeneration strategies, both active and passive, based on the type of use
  • Certified according to the SN277206 standard (BAFU)

Depending on the model, the BPF particulate filter may include advanced back pressure and temperature monitoring systems with alarms, remote value display and Modbus communication.
Some models are also certified according to the SN277206 standard of the Swiss confederation (BAFU). This certification is recognized by several European Union countries.

Models available

BPF R620

Continuous regeneration system with oxidation catalyst (available from 5 kW up to 3 MW).

BPF R187

Offboard active regeneration system with external heater (available from 5 kW up to 3 MW).

BPF R370

Continuous regeneration system with special sulfur-resistant coating.

BPF R570

Onboard active regeneration system with electric heater applied directly to the filter. The system is classified as PK or CL depending on the power range and control functions.

BPF C-series

Modular system specially developed for large engines.